WIT7: 7th Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy

Dates: August 29 – September 2, 2022

Venue: Tallinn – Särghaua Earth Science Center – Tallinn, Estonia


The Seventh Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy will take place in Estonia, organised by the Department of Geology, Tallinn University of Technology. The area of Estonia is a part of the Baltic Lower Palaeozoic sedimentary basin and represents a well-preserved shallow-marine carbonate system rich in shelly faunas. Trace fossils are also common and the region was likely the birthplace of bioerosion. Such abundant material has laid the foundation for the long-term palaeontological research in Estonia.

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Card Payment of Workshop Fee (EUR 500)

The participants of WIT7 are invited to present their work on trace fossils, encountered ichnotaxonomical hurdles, and the implications for ichnotaxonomical principles and nomenclature. We expect lively discussions, both at the round table and during field trips that will help foster the value and applicability of trace fossil nomenclature as well as classification for interpreting palaeoenvironments, palaeobiology and evolution.

WIT7 includes two field trips to introduce Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian successions and trace fossils of Estonia.

Please direct all questions to:
Ursula Toom, ursula.toom@taltech.ee